The Beginning

cupofcoffeeThe day has finally come. Like all people do at the beginning of the year, I sat down and wrote a list of my New Years Resolutions, one of them being to start a blog. Since I am a very goal oriented person I set out to start crossing things off my list, so I started a BLOG. However, one piece I forgot to add to that list was the part about posting. WHOOPS!! Well, it’s a good thing that when it’s your list of resolutions you can always add to it (or take things off, like exercise everyday or drink less coffee, HA! Who would every think such a thing?). So here I am, adding to that list to post at least twice a week for the month of February and March.

Why am I starting a blog? Good question. There really isn’t one answer to that question. At times I think it will be a waste of my time. It’s not like the web needs another blogger or what do I have to say that someone else hasn’t already shared? The answer is, I don’t know if what I share will be any different from someone else or that anyone will ever even read my post, but I’m doing it in hopes that I may inspire even just one person to live a better, happier, healthier life!!

I guess I should start at the beginning and tell you a little bit about myself (I will eventually post my story in about me once I figure that out. This blogging thing is a lot harder than I thought). I’ll give you the short version as I know you will get to know me better through other post. I was born in raised in Hawaii. I know what you’re thinking “tough life”. My father was a surfer so naturally my sisters and I grew up on the beach. Eventually as my sisters and I got older we joined my Dad out in the line-up. Surfing was my life growing up. I was also very active in other sports and played soccer and tennis. I homeschooled from kindergarten all the way through high school. My first day of school was my first day of college. While most homeschoolers (I’m not saying all, but most) lack social interactions, that was not the case for my sisters and I. Being that we lived in a small community and my mother comes from a large family there was never a question to whether or not my sisters and I interacted enough with other people. More about growing up later.

When I was in High School I started to become very interested in nutrition. My mom always had health books and cook books around the house and taught me my way around the kitchen at a young age. She always said “if you can read you can cook”. While I believe that statement 100%, I also believe that you have to love cooking or else it will just seem like a chore. I knew I always wanted to be in the medical field. The human body is amazing and I knew I wanted to learn more about it. In 2009 I graduated with my Bachelors in Nursing and became a Registered Nurse. During my final semester I completed my Complex course in the Emergency Department and knew that I wanted to be an ER nurse. Everything about the fast pace and critical thinking got me so excited. However, sometimes God has other plans for you and doors opened up for me in another direction. I didn’t start working as a nurse and went back to graduate school to become a Family Nurse Practitioner with a minor in Public Health. I also got married in 2011 while getting my masters. Thank God my husband planned the wedding because graduate school left me little time to do anything. I’ll share more about that special day in another post.
It was during my graduate education when I discovered my passion for Women’s Health. With the health of our nation at its worse, I strongly believe that a healthy mom leads to a healthy family and a healthy family leads to a healthy community. I hope that through my blog I will inspire you to take responsibility for your health, to learn to love to eat healthy, stress less, and to be thankful for everyday!!

I plan to share with you my favorite recipes, my mishaps in the kitchen, my random thoughts, health topics that interest me, how I like to “move it move it”, and a little bit of my life.
I hope this blog will challenge you and teach you new things.
From my heart,

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2 Responses to The Beginning

  1. jaymee says:

    YAYYAYY! glad you are finally blogging!!

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